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The purpose of this website is to share with the world the knowledge I have acquired and assimilated, collected and compiled in the life I've lived so far. My interests are multifarious and spectrum of subjects I delve into is distinctly wide. But the most fascinating fields to me are Poetry, Linguistics, Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, Genealogy, Philosophy, Astrology, Numerology, Palmistry and Engineering. I sincerely hope my work will enrich the wisdom of the earnest readers. Please visit the contact section of this domain to provide your valuable feedback on my efforts or to send in your suggestions if any. All contents of this website are original in the way they are presented and not copied from other sources. If you wish to use any portion that you discovered exclusively on this site, it is your moral obligation to attribute it to

PS, please don't hold anything against me if you find in this website something offensive here and there. This is basically an ATMM (All That Matters to Me) site, or rather, ATIM (All That Interests Me) site.




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He's the author of an acclaimed poetry book. He hails from India. Largely self-taught (with help from internet and through books, of course) about most of the things he knows, he is well-versed in various spheres of Science and Arts. For his whatsoever ability to grasp such a range of topics, he is grateful to his spiritual master. May His blessings guide his eternal disciple on the path of righteousness and in the pursuit of truth. Let peace and love prevail in the world. Do share and recommend this site to your contacts if you find it helpful and noteworthy. Thanks for visiting !!