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Happy Puppy

“Who’s that?” asked my friend as we walked past a bunch of girls after the classes were over. He drew my attention to a girl playing with a black pup. “That’s her!” I reacted involuntarily, and then voluntarily muted myself as I said, “The girl I love.” “Her?” My friend seemed perplexed by my identifying her with just a generic pronoun. “The girl who loves dogs.” I explained. “Well, lots of girls love dogs. My sister is one of them.” He commented. I said, “But untamed dogs prefer the company of only certain people — like her.” “How can you tell?” The other day I saw another dog from the street go near her and wag its tail expecting her affection.” “That’s a girl to fall in love with.” remarked my friend and he parted ways with me to go near her (and wag his tail).

For a while he admired the black pup in her lap and conveyed during the conversation his knowledge and inherent fondness for the species. She appeared to be impressed, and transferred the happy puppy to my friend who, I felt, tried to convince the baby dog that he is equally or even more loving than her. But it was clear (to me) that his intention was to impress her and impressing the puppy was merely a show (for her to appreciate).

His apparent compassion towards the kid charmed and she allowed him to keep her company as she took leave of her friends.and embarked for her home with my friend. He carried the little dog for some distance and then considering it a severe distraction, he put it down it. Did she notice that!? I can’t tell. The kid was relieved though from all that fake affection, but it was a bit confused as well (about whom it should approach next).

I picked it up, but unlike my friend, I didn’t fondle it and squeezed the cuteness out of it. I took out a pack of biscuits from my satchel and fed it a few pieces. It devoured them with delight. My eyes looked at the road my love had travelled a while ago with a friend of mine. The puppy was happy again. I placed it next to a brown pup and headed for my home.