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Significations of Houses

Houses and their Signficances alongwith their Significators (Kārakas):

[Consider the 12 houses as the 12 areas/domains of life.]

1st house / Tanu Bhāva / Anga Bhāva (Sun) — Birth, Childhood, Personality/Character, Appearance, Health, Body, Face, Head, Forehead

  2nd house / Dhana Bhāva / Vitta Bhāva / Kutumba Bhāva / Gotra Bhāva (Mercury for speech/early education, Jupiter for stored/guarded wealth) — Saved Money/Asset/Property, Wealth, Inheritance, Worldly attainments/possessions, Speech, Early Education, Family, nourishment/sustenance, food/nutrition, Right eye

  3rd house / Sahaja Bhāva / Bhrātri Bhāva / Vikram Bhāva (Mars) — Siblings, Younger Brother/Sister, Neighbours, Communication, Courage, Self-effort, Conviction, Energy, Prowess, Short Journeys, Fortune of marriage (3rd being 9th from 7th), Right ear

  4th house / Bandhu Bhāva / Sukha Bhāva (Moon for Mother, Venus for comforts/amusements) — School Education, Mother, Friends, Conveyances, Conveniences, Home/Residence, Land/Property, Homeland, Right nostril

  5th house / Putra Bhāva / Suta Bhāva / Mantra Bhāva (Jupiter) — Creativity, Progeny/Children, Offsprings, Passion, Love, Fun/Entertainment, Intelligence, Wit, Intuition, Speculation, College Education, Right cheek

  6th house / Ari Bhāva / Shatru Bhāva (Mars for Enmity/Conflict, Saturn for Disease/Illness) — Diseases, Illness, Injuries, Enemies, Disputes, Litigation, Debts, Sorrows, Notoriety, Labour, Laborious occupation, Maternal uncle (6th being 3rd from 4th), Father's profession (6th being 10th from 9th), Right chin

  7th house / Yuvati Bhāva / Jāyā Bhāva / Stri Bhāva / Kalatra Bhāva (Venus for Man, Jupiter for Woman) — Marriage, Spouse, Relationships, Desires, Loins, Sexual Diseases, Genital Disorder, Mouth

  8th house / Randhra Bhāva / Chhidra Bhāva / Mrityu Bhāva / Nidhan Bhāva (Saturn) — Death/Longevity, Vitality, Accidents, Impediments, Obstacles, Occult, Secrets, Mysteries, Hidden stuffs, Secret Knowledge, Research, Depth, Intuition (along with 5th), Loss of Fortune (8th being 12th from 9th), Marital bond (8th being 2nd from 7th), family of spouse (8th being 2nd from 7th), Change/Transformation, Medicine, Left chin

  9th house / Dharma Bhāva / Bhāgya Bhāva (Sun for Father, Jupiter for Religion) — Religion/Spirituality, Philosophy, Morals, Fortune, Father, Higher Education, Long Journeys, Pilgrimages, Left cheek

  10th house / Karma Bhāva (Sun for Fame, Mercury & Saturn for Job) — Profession/Career, Vocation, Employment, Social Status, Honour/Dignity, Success, Fame/Prestige, Popularity, Livelihood, Left nostril

  11th house / Lābha Bhāva / Āya Bhāva (Jupiter) — Gained Money/Asset/Property, Gains, Income/Finance, Prosperity, Promotion, Fulfilment, Elder Brother/Sister, Friends. Left ear

  12th house / Vyaya Bhāva (Saturn) — Lost Money/Asset/Property, Losses, Expenses/Expenditure, Waste, Misery, Separation, Setbacks, Comforts of Bed, Loss of health, Prison/Asylum, Hospital, Isolation, Foreign Land/Travel, Other World, Imagination, Salvation/Moksha, Left eye

Classification of Houses