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Mother and I

by Hemmingway

Mother and I finally give in to the tension.

When I was growing up my mother and I became really
close. My father was an alcoholic and womanizer, and
both activities kept him out of the house a lot.
Because he was never around, it was my mother who
taught me all the things I needed to know.

It was my mother who taught me about bullies, hatred,
bigotry, how to defend myself, and eventually, sex.
Since I only went to school in the mornings, due to
overcrowding; we would talk in the afternoon while my
sister was in school.

I loved these conversations. Sometimes I would lay my
head down in mom�s lap, which allowed me to smell her
pussy through her house robe, which she more than often
wore without underwear. Other times she would lay her
head on my lap, which allowed her to feel the raging
hard-ons I would get whenever we talked about sex,
which was often.

As a way to break the ice and breach the subject, my
mom would often talk about her own sexual experiences
with Dad. Because I was 13 and horny all the time, it
would not take long for my small cock to get hard
inside my pants, and while it wasn�t very large, I am
sure my mother could feel it. She would shift her head
around and sometimes lay her head just the right way to
send me through the roof. I would always go into my
room afterwards and jack off like crazy thinking about
my mom and how I practically rubbed myself in her face.

Whenever I lay my head in her lap, I could tell when
she wasn�t wearing panties by the way her crotch felt
through her house robe. For example; when she wore
panties, her house robe felt slippery and smooth.
Whenever she did not wear panties, the material of her
house robe did not slide or move around as freely, and
I could hear the noise her pubic hair made as it rubbed
against the material. I could also smell her more
easily when she was not wearing panties; especially if
we talked about sex and she would get sexually aroused.

I had built such a rapport with my mother that one day
I came to her complaining that my cock was too small
and I wanted it to be bigger. She asked me to show her
and without any trepidation, I showed her my small limp

My mother tried to be reassuring and gently grabbed by
dick, pulled the foreskin back and forth a few times.
Of course, I began to get hard almost as soon as I
exposed myself to her and her manipulation was making
it worse. My cock did grow considerably and my mother
said to me, "You see sweetie? It gets bigger and it is
more than big enough for your age."

I could have stood there in her bedroom all afternoon
letting her stroke my cock, but after a few strokes
where my cock grew from 3" inches to about 6" inches
long, my mother let go of my cock and gently put it
back in my pants.

"You have nothing to worry about. There is nothing
wrong with your dick."

"Thanks Mom," I said as I headed to my room to jack off
and finish the job Mom had begun.

A couple of days later we were once again sitting on
the couch talking about sex, girls and sex. My mom was
telling me that seduction was an important part of sex,
especially for girls who needed more time to get wet. I
did not quite know what Mom meant my "wet" so I asked
her what it meant.

Mom explained that when girls get horny they get wet
down there. I asked her what the "wet" thing was, and
she told me that it was similar to the clear fluid that
came out of my dick whenever I masturbated. I was
shocked to find out that my mother knew about my
masturbation and I asked her how she knew.

She told me that she could tell that I was growing up
and getting sexually active by the signs I left in my
underwear and sheets, which she washed. I felt really
embarrassed and said,

"I�m sorry Mom"

"Don�t be dear. It�s perfectly normal"

"You�re not mad at me?

"No, why would I be? I told you that everyone does it"

"Do YOU do it too, Mom," I asked incredulous and
excited at the same time.

"Well yes, sweetie. We all do"

I could feel my cock getting really hard inside my
pants and pressing on my Mom�s right cheek. She
suddenly shifted her head on top of my dick, rubbing it
twice causing it to come out through the opening of my
boxer shorts. My cock was now directly under the
material of my jeans and right under my Mom�s lips!

I tried to shift in a way that would release the
pressure and take my hard cock away from my mother�s
face, but I could swear that she increased the pressure
making it nearly impossible to move.

"See?" mom said. "I told you that there was nothing
wrong with your dick. It�s getting big, isn�t it?" she

"Oh, hum, yeah" I stammered nervously.

As excited and horny as I was, I could not get myself
to let myself go into this sexual tension between my
Mom and I, so I got up telling Mom I had to go the
bathroom. I did go to the bathroom, but not in the way
you might think. I locked myself in the bathroom and
whacked off like I�d never done before. I remember
coming so hard that I got cum in my hair! After about
10 minutes Mom knocked on the door and asked if I was

"Yeah Mom, I�m fine!" I yelled through the door trying
to sound normal.

"Okay", I heard Mom giggle as she walked away.

By now it was obvious, even to a 13 year-old boy that
there was something going on between my Mom and me.
Even thou I wanted to go further with Mom, I was
terrified at the thought. What if I did or said
something wrong? What if I made her mad? I tried
avoiding my Mom for several weeks after that. Whenever
she tried to lock me into a conversation I would run
out of the house and leave her standing there.

One afternoon it was raining really hard and I couldn�t
go outside, so I was "trapped" inside the house with
Mom. I was sitting on the couch watching TV when Mom
walked over and asked me to soot over. I did and Mom
sat down to watch TV with me. After about 10 minutes
Mom asked me to put my head on her lap and wanting to
do it, I did. I could tell right away that Mom wasn�t
wearing any panties. I could hear and feel her pubic
hair rubbing against her house robe and I could smell
her pussy. While I had not smelled any pussy up to that
point in my young life, I guess that there are some
things that a boy can identify.

While we were not talking much this time, the film we
were watching had reached the romantic part that seems
to be a requirement in all films and the scene was sort
of hot and heavy. I could tell that Mom was enjoying
the scene and having my face in her lap because she
began to very slowly and almost imperceptibly, to open
and close her thighs. Since my head was in her lap
causing pressure on what I now know must have been her
clit, she was becoming aroused by the whole thing. I
said nothing and simply froze with my eyes on the
screen; afraid that if I moved I would break the spell
and cause her to move away.

I could smell her scent getting stronger the longer
this went on. I could feel the heat coming out of her
pussy and soon afterwards I began to feel moisture
reach my right ear which was directly on top of my
mom�s pussy. Not being able to contain myself any
longer, I slowly moved my head downward-as one does
when trying to scratch one�s nose with a pillow-and
stuck my nose directly inside the v-shape space between
my mother�s thighs. I was surprised when my mother
opened her thighs and my nose went deeper into my
mother�s crotch. I am not entirely sure, but I think
that my nose was making direct contact with her clit
and that for the few seconds it lasted, she actually
used by nose to rub her clit with.

"I think you�re wet Mom", I said as I felt her moisture
against my nose

"Yes I am. This is what I was telling you the other
day. Women get wet when they are horny."

"Are you horny Mom?" I asked in anticipation.

"Yes, I am"


"I don�t know. I guess that not having sex in a long
time and having your head on my lap got me horny"

"But that�s not right, is it Mom?" I asked.

"Well, that depends honey," she said.

"On what?"

"On what happens"



"What do you mean?" I asked.

"Well" she said. "We�re not doing anything. We�re just
sitting here and getting horny just watching TV"

"Yeah, but we�re both horny", I said.

"You�re horny too?" Mom asked.

"Well, yes" I said a little embarrassed.

Just them Mom reached over and touched my hard cock
through my jeans.

"You�re ARE horny, aren�t you?"

We both knew that we had gone too far now and that
things were out of control. There was no hiding what we
were feeling or doing. I knew it was wrong, but my
heart was beating so hard I thought it would come right
out of my chest and really did not care. I didn�t
really know it at the time, but every teenager�s
fantasy, and my own, was coming true. I had fantasized
about my cute Mom ever since I seen her naked by
accident a year before.

She had taken a shower and had forgotten her towel.
Since the towels were kept in the closet just outside
the bathroom, she had called out to me to give her one.
I grabbed the towel and went into the bathroom
expecting Mom to be hiding behind the shower curtain or
something. Instead, she was standing totally naked on
top of the bathroom�s area rug.

She was beautiful! Her 29 year-old body was firm and
smooth. Her breasts were large and perky. ; Her stomach
taught and flat. Her thighs were creamy white and her
pussy was neatly trimmed, showing her rosy pink and
pouting lips. I remember not being able to sleep that
night; spending most of the night jerking off. I must
have cum 10 times that night thinking about Mom�s
awesome body. There had been sexual tension between us
ever since.

Now I was laying there with my face practically inside
my mother�s twat as she rubbed herself against my head.

"Mom, how do YOU get wet?"

"Here, let me show you," Mom said, pulling her house
robe up and over her lap. Suddenly I was staring at
Mom�s pussy. I could see that it was shaven around the
lips and only had hair on top. It was wet and the lips
were open; like the wings of a butterfly. I had never
seen a pussy before, but something inside of me wanted
to smell and taste what I was seeing.

Mom reached down and slowly opened her labia with both
hands, letting me see the pink, wet inside of her
pussy. I could see that deep inside was a hole and that
this fluid was coming from inside. Mom was right; it
looked just like the clear liquid that came out of my
cock whenever I got horny and jerked off. I swallowed
hard, trying to put my heart back into my chest.

"You see how my wetness is coming out of me?"

"Yeah, is coming out your pussy," I said.

"That�s right. It comes out my pussy and out through my
lips. It happens so that a dick can slip in and out of

"Can I taste it?" I asked, hoping that Mom would let

"Are you sure you want to do that?"

"Yes, I want to taste it really bad Mom"

"Okay, just put your tongue right here and take a lick"

I did as I was told and licked Mom�s clit. I thought
I�d hurt her by the way she jumped when I did.

"Are you okay Mom? Did I hurt you?"

"Oh no sweetie, it�s just that it feels really good,"
she said gasping for air.

"Now lick down here, where the juice is coming out,"
Mom said, pointing to her pussy hole. Once again I did
what I was hooked! It tasted sweet and a little salty
at the same time and it smelled even better. Once again
Mom gasped and moaned.

"Oh yes sweetie. Yes, drink Mommy�s juice baby, it�s
for you," Mom pleaded as I licked more and more of her
juice. After I had licked all the juice that had
accumulated on Mom�s pussy, she told me to lick on her
clit, giving me directions on how she wanted me to do

Mom pulled apart her pussy lips, exposing her clit and
then told me to wrap my lips around it and simply suck
it like I would a lollypop. I did as Mom asked and I
must have been doing what she wanted me to do, because
she began bucking her lips and groaning a lot. She then
started talking dirty and saying things like;

"Oh yes, baby. Lick your Mommy�s pussy. Yes, please,
lick my juice; let me give you Mommy�s milk."

I wasn�t quite sure what all that meant, but I was
getting hornier and the hornier I got the more I wanted
to bury my face in Mom�s pussy.

Mom grabbed the back of my head and pushed it against
her pussy while at the same time, pushing grinding her
pussy against my face. She began to make small circular
motions on my face and then suddenly, she froze,
grabbed really hard and began yelling.

"Oh shit baby, I cumin, I�m cumin in your face baby.
I�m cumin!" she practically yelled.
I couldn�t really breathe, but I didn�t care. I was
licking my beautiful Mom�s pussy for crying out loud!
All those nights of pulling on my meat, thinking about
her, watching her, spying on her when she changed, or
when she sat around the house, exposing her pussy, were
coming true.

Finally Mom stopped moving and with a loud sigh let go
of my head. She still wouldn�t let me take my mouth off
her pussy, but at least she was not pulling me so hard
that I could not breathe. Not knowing that she had cum,
I kept licking on her clit and lips, enjoying the taste
of her juices, but particularly, the smell. I could not
get over the scent of Mom�s pussy. I thought it was
mysterious and seductive and the more I smelled the
harder my cock got.

"Oh baby, that was great. I�m sorry, but thank you. It
had been such a long time for me, baby," Mom told me.

It is so hard to describe the pure seductive power of
lying on a couch with your face buried inside your
beautiful Mom�s thighs as she recovered from an orgasm
that YOU gave her.

"Now is time to take care of you, sweetie," Mom said as
she readjusted on the sofa and undid my belt and pulled
down my zipper. She pulled my jeans to my ankles and
took them off. She then pulled down my boxers and freed
my raging hard on.

Mom did not suck my cock right away. She smelled my
cock like I had done with her pussy. She then gently
and softly licked the sides of it, totally avoiding the
head. I did not have much pubic hair at 13 and her
saliva was pulling around the base of my cock. After a
while there was a large drop of pre-cum on the head of
my cock and Mom�s tongue finally reached out and licked
if off like she would an ice cream cone.

The sensation of anything other than my own hand on my
cock sent shivers from my balls all the way to my toes
and I nearly came. Mom must have sensed it because
suddenly she grabbed the base of my cock really hard,
preventing me from spewing my hot seed right then and

When the jerking off my cock had subsided, Mom let go
of my cock and began caressing my thighs. The touch of
her hot and soft hands on my bare thighs felt great.
After about 10 minutes of teasing, Mom finally opened
her mouth and sucked my entire dick into her mouth.

This was too much for a 13 year-old virgin boy and I
came right then and there, shooting globs upon globs of
cum into my Mom�s throat. Cumin was pretty amazing in
and of itself, but seeing Mom swallowing my cum, that
was beyond describable. I don�t know if a 13 year-old
horny boy can have multi-orgasms like a woman, but I
kept cumin more and longer than at any time before in
my life.

Mom kept sucking my dick through the whole thing and
after a while it was so sensitive that it actually hurt
a little. I tried to push Mom�s mouth away, but she
would have nothing of that and kept sucking me. At 13
is not hard keep an erection past an orgasm and with
Mom�s mouth still on my cock, I was still hard.

After about 5 minutes Mom let go of my cock and began
kissing my balls, thighs, stomach and nipples. She
seemed like a crazed woman. I�d never seen Mom act like
this before. She finally looked me right in the eye,
which made something inside me hurt in a good way.

"Would you like to fuck Mommy?" she asked huskily.

"Do you know what that is, sweetie?"

"Yes, I think so. I�ve seen some magazines that Norm
showed me." Norm was my best friend in the whole world.
Slightly older than me, at 14 and a half, he was the
main source of what little information I had about sex,
except what Mom had shared with me. Norm let me spy on
his sister whenever she was changing, in the bathroom
or just cleaning around the house in a short house
dress that usually rode up as she did her chores.

"Good," Mom said as she pulled her house dress up and
straddled me. She then reached underneath and grabbed
my dick and slowly rubbed her moist pussy with it,
before sitting on it all the way. I had never felt
something so wet, hot, smooth and wonderful before and
sure enough, I once again came on contact.

No problem though, once again I was able to remain hard
as a rock as Mom began to slowly rock back and forth on
my cock.

"Ah, it feels so good, baby. It feels so good to have
you fuck your Mommy. It�s been such a long time. Oh!"

"Play with Mommy�s tits" she asked.

Mom pulled her house dress over her head and suddenly
she was totally naked and riding my dick. She then
leaned forward and as gently as I have ever seen her,
she placed her left tit in my mouth. I opened my mouth
and eagerly took Mom�s large breast into my mouth. I
sucked Mom�s nipple, much like I must have done when I
was a baby.

"Oh shit! Oh yes, yes baby, suck on Mommy�s tits. Mommy
is nursing you, because you�re hungry. Yes, suck
Mommy�s tit. Let Mommy give you milk while she rides
your cock." It seemed like Mom�s talk was getting her
hornier and hornier for the more she talked, the harder
she rocked on my cock.

After about 5 minutes Mom did something that I really
did not expect. I don�t know why, it seems stupid now,
looking back through the years, but it just did not
occur to me at the time. Suddenly Mom grabbed my face
and kissed me full on the lips! Before I knew it, I had
Mom�s tongue in my mouth, exploring my mouth like a
curious snake. I did not know how to kiss, but I
instinctively sucked on her tongue like I�d done with
her clit and this seemed to have sent Mom over the edge
because she stopped kissing me and began screaming that
she was cumin.

Mom came violently and for a long time. I just kept
pumping my cock in and out of her sopping pussy while
she kept cumin. After about 20 minutes I felt that
familiar feeling on my balls and soon I was cumin in
Mom�s pussy so hard that I thought I would pass out.

Finally we both stopped cumin and just lay there
holding one another for what seemed like a very long
time. My dick was still inside Mom�s pussy; semi-hard.
She seemed to enjoy the feeling as she rocked ever so
slightly back and forth.

Not to bore you with repetition, but after a while I
was hard again and Mom and I made love many more times
that afternoon. We finally got up and took a shower
together with Mom talking about what had just happened.
She told me that it shouldn�t have happened and that
she was sorry it had.

That it had been a very long time since she�d been with
a man and all that frustration had made her loose
control. She told me not to tell anyone as she could
get in serious trouble and that we didn�t have to do it
again if I didn�t want to. However, if we did continue,
we would have to be very careful with looks and words
around my sister and others.

"I love you, you know. Not like a Mom loves a son, but
like a woman." She said with tears in her eyes.

"I love you too, Mom. And as for as long as you want
me, I�ll be here for you." I said sincerely.

This all happened many years ago and for many years
afterwards. I got married, had children, got older and
my mother and I continued to be lovers until she passed
away. It was wrong, perverted, sick, sinful, criminal,
disgusting to some, if not many, but the loving way in
which a mother can make love to a son; the tenderness,
the caring, the honesty, the passion, the pleasure of
forbidden truth, is something that can only be
experienced to be understood.