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Mother and Sister Love

by idahoguy35 @

I want all of you to know that this is a real true story of my mother, my sister, and me. It all started when I was 25, and after my step-father passed away. I was in the living room watching television, when my mother told me to close my eyes so she could run to her room after taking a shower. Of course I closed my eyes, but always wanted to see my mother naked. I opened my eyes just enough to see her naked body go by me. My mom has a hot body for a woman her age, and at the time when I saw her naked, she was in her early 40’s. I got an instant boner, and ran to my room to jack off and release the pressure that was built up. I didn’t realize that I had the door cracked enough for anyone to see in. I was lying in bed stroking my cock, and looked up to me my own mother watching me stroke. I didn’t miss a beat, and continued to stroke while looking at her. My mom opened my door and came and sat next to me. She told me that ever since Rob passed away she hasn’t been able to have sex with anyone. I looked at her, and took my hand off my cock. She replaced it with her and stroked my meat up and down. I closed my eyes, and low and behold she put my cock in her mother. My mom sucks good cock, and damn it felt good. I ran my hand up her leg and started playing with her pussy. She got up, took her clothes off, and laid on top of me. I was so confused I didn’t know what to do. I wanted to see my mom naked, but didn’t think this was going to happen. My mom took my cock and put it in her pussy. She straightened her back, so my cock slipped deep into her pussy. Damn she felt tight, and fucking loved it. My mother rode me for a while, while I played with her tits and nipples. She leaned down and I sucked her tits, the same tits that I used to drink milk out of when I was a baby. She rode me harder when I started sucking them. She got off me and got on all fours. What she said next surprised me more than ever. She told me to fuck her ass, and fuck it hard. I did as she told me, and buried my cock deep in her asshole. I was slamming her ass hard and fast. I felt like a dog in heat.

While my mom and I were fucking like a bunch of wild animals, and hearing her scream with every orgasm she had, there was someone watching us. My sister, who was 28 at the time, and very bisexual, was standing at the door watching us. We didn’t know it at the time, until I heard my sister sigh with relief. I looked up startled, but noticed she had her hand down her shorts. My mom looked up at her, and then at me. My sister came in, stripped off her clothes, and laid at the foot of the bed. My mom got in between her legs and started licking her pussy and doing god knows what to her. I wasn’t paying because of pounding her ass. I took my cock out, because my sister wanted a taste. So my mom and my sister both sucked my cock, even though it was fresh from my mom’s ass. My sister licked my balls and my shaft, and my mom sucked the head of my cock. I could feel the pre-cum coming from my cock, and could hear my mom slurping out of my cock. My sister put her hand around my shaft, and started sucking my cock like a pro. Damn it felt good. My mom excused herself for a minute, and came back wearing a strap on. My eyes got big, but of course it wasn’t for me. My mother stuck the strap on in my sister’s pussy, and fucked her while I was being sucked by her. I could feel the cum building up, so I had my mom lay down. I asked my sister if she liked to be fucked in the ass, and she yes to just stick it up there and find out. I had my sister get on top of my mom, and ride her, and I stuck my cock up her ass. I grabbed her hips, and fucked her deep and hard, until I came deep in her ass. I laid down exhausted, and my mom and sister continued to fuck. My mom eventually licked the cum out of my sister’s ass, and then they both laid next to me. My mom and sister confessed to me that they had been having sex for the past 3 weeks without me knowing. They both said that they were glad that I could join in. This started 3 years’ worth of sex between all three of us, and a lot of one on one time.