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Mother-Son Lust Fulfilled

by Lanka Cream

Single mother is desired by her young son. Mom is also  lonely and hungry for sex but not with her son. Accidental circumstances put both the thought and  incestuous temptation in her way. She succumbs to the  wanton needs of the flesh in forbidden territory and  both find a wicked heaven.

She has been living alone with her young son since his father ran off 2 years ago with his secretary. It was hard at first, but now life was good as she had forged a successful consultancy business working from home. In fact things were a better now in most ways as her son was a delight. He was a very intelligent and compassionate boy who usually topped his class at school, excelled at sport and was liked by everyone for his laughing personality, kindness and generosity.

The only thing she lacked was good sex. There had been a couple of brief one-night stands since her husband left, but all were very unsatisfactory. There had been no-one now for about a year. She was getting very frustrated by just her own hand relief.

It was now 7.30am on a Saturday, on a lovely sunny late spring morning. She had woken up feeling very refreshed and very, very horny. She lay on the bed for a while casually playing with herself but feeling frustrated. She decided to get out that new big black-cock vibrator she had bought yesterday but was afraid her son might be awake & burst in on her, so she got up to check on him.

Just wearing her short cotton see through nightie she walked down to her son's bedroom. She silently opened his bedroom door and entered. Although his curtains were drawn they were only a light fabric so his bedroom was bathed in a soft morning light and he was clearly visible lying on his back on his bed. He had obviously kicked the sheets off this morning due to the warmth. He was just in his shortie pyjama pants and bare-chested. What a gorgeous man he is going to grow up to be, she thought.

It had been 2 years since she had seen him naked as he had gone all coy just after his father left. She moved from the bedroom door over to his beside to gaze at her son more closely. As she approached his bed she noticed that the loose fly on his pyjama pants was wide open and that his cock had flopped out. She had to stop herself from gasping aloud. My God, what had happened over the past 2 years, his cock was enormous! It was also an enormously erotic sight.

Here was her young 12 year old son with: his handsome good looks, flawless olive skin, thick jet black hair, full sensuous lips and strong (yet still boyish) physique, lying on his back sound asleep, arms above his head, one legs bent and pulled up and displaying this amazing thick cock. It was a lovely pink/olive colour, about 8" she thought, a very thick shaft, the fattest cock she had ever seen. "Oh my God," she thought again. She began to reach out to touch it before she realised what she was doing.

His huge pink helmet head was split by a very even and sensuous eye and from the eye of this very kissable cock was oozing pre-cum. He must be having a 'wet dream' she realised and "I am about to watch my own son ejaculate in his dream!"

It was then that she noticed some black satin material partly visible under the sheets... it was a pair of her panties that she had worn yesterday. She drew them out from under the sheet. They were scrunched up and stiff.
She smelt them and smelt sperm, her son's sperm.

He had obviously pulled them out of the laundry basket last night and used them for masturbation. This now explained why she had had trouble finding some of her panties over the past year or so and how they would mysteriously turn up again. Her son, her little boy with the massive cock, has been fantasising about her.

She was so horny and just had to feel that young cock ploughing into her. From ingenuity born of desperation she acted quickly and cleverly. She pulled the sheet up to cover his tempting cock and embarrassment and then gently woke him up. He awoke easily as obviously he was in that half-sleep phase while having an erotic dream. "Good morning darling," she said and kissed him lightly on the lips. "Morning mom," he replied and instinctively gave her a hug. She felt the tip of his cock press against her thigh as he leaned into her.

"What's up mom?" he asked.

"Oh baby," she said, "mom has to ask you a big favour, a real big favour, will you do it for me?"

"Oh mom, you know I'd do anything for you. What is it?"

"Well honey," she replied "sometimes women get big pains in their breasts, it's called mastitis," (of cause she was lying as she certainly did not have mastitis)"and the only fast way to relieve that pain is by sucking. I used to use my old breast pump to do this but it broke some time ago. I was hoping you could suck my breasts for a while baby to get rid of the pain. Would you do that for mommy please?"

Her son appeared to blush and in a soft awkward voice said, "Ooh, er, sure mom."

"Oh thank you, thank you darling, mommy is in so much pain," and with that she pulled the thin straps of her nightie over her shoulders and it fell around her waist. Her magnificent firm 42DD breasts came into her nubile son's view and his eyes immediately focussed on the subject of his sexual fantasy of the past 18 months.

His mother reached over and grabbed his 2 pillows, stacked them on top of each other and lay back on them. "Here baby," she said. "It will be easier and more comfortable if you do it this way."

Her son was forced to turn around and half lie on his mother. She grabbed her left breast, lifted it up and offered it to him. "Quick baby" she said "make the pain go away now, suck it". He needed no further encouragement and fell upon that gorgeous breast with the hunger of a virgin boy. He was like an animal. Her nipples were abnormally large, as were her aerola, which had stayed raised and puffy like the nipples & aerola of pubescent girls, all her life. "Oh yes darling that is wonderful, I think I can feel the pain going, you can suck harder if you want."

Her son's left hand was by now fondling her right breast whose nipple was hard and erect, standing out proudly one inch from her aerola and almost screaming to be sucked. He was in a little frenzy of lust by now and was totally unaware that he had slipped out of the sheet exposing his tight buttocks which were automatically pumping in a steady fucking rhythm. His massive cock had grown hard and erect and was poking out to the side within easy reach.

She reached down and wrapped her fingers around that pulsing virgin cock. He kept voraciously sucking but changed over to the right breast. He lifted his pelvis about 6 inches to give his mother easy access to his cock. Nothing was said. She could wait no longer. 

She slid under her son fully and situated the massive throbbing head of her son's cock at the very wet entrance to her sex. "Come inside mommy baby and then you can cum inside mommy. Fuck mommies big wet hairy pussy baby, mmmm, go on, fuck it, fuck me, go on baby. I know all about the panties baby so come and fuck the real thing. My big juicy pussy is all for you."

"Oh mommy, oh mommy," was all he said, and with that he thrust his huge fat throbbing virgin boy cock, all 8 incestuous inches of it all the way in. He felt the warmth, the wetness, it was like entering a warm wet velvet glove. It was his mother's forbidden cunt. Oh how he rejoiced. His cock was in heaven and so was he.

She had no protection. She had been off the pill for 2 years. She was ovulating now and she did not care. Her son was about to unload a gallon of fertile incestuous sperm into her and she wanted it. Yes, she admitted it now. She wanted her 12 year old son to fertilize her and give her the second child she had always wanted.

"Come darling, make a baby in momma, make a baby in me now, let that yummy boy-cum spurt now". With that her son grunted, his cock expanded even further and he felt a rush of sperm laden spunk explode up his shaft out the big eye of his cock and into his mother's fertile womb.

"There it is mommy there's the baby, and here's more babies, and with that another thick rope of creamy spunk shot into her. For the next 35 seconds his cock spurted rope after rope of fertile sperm." With each spurt of hot creamy boy-spunk she felt the throb of her son's cock as it shot the thick creamy rope deep into her cunt.

She was groaning the words, "Ooh yes, yes, fuck mommies wet hairy pussy, fuck mommy hard, fill me up, fill me up with your sperm laden cream."

Her little pubescent boy was crying out in reply, "Oh yes mommy here it is. Here it is. I have lots and lots of cream. All of it is for you mommy. All of it."

Their lovely healthy baby was born exactly 9 months later.