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My half-sister is My better half

Caroline Pierce as Carol
Bianca Breeze as Carmen
Luscious Lopez as Penny

Renee Pornero as Renee

My half-sister Heidi, was born as a result of the relationship between my mom, Carmen, and our neighbor, and she was later given to Carol, my aunt (Carmen's sister). But this is a well guarded family secret which Heidi has never been familiar with. She is seven years younger than me.

When she was six, I reached my puberty and curious about a girl's private parts, I used to peek inside her pants. She found it funny. Soon I started seeing it fully, tickle her little clit and tits, and lightly massage her groin with my fingers whenever I could be alone with her. She liked it when I clutch her crotch, placing my hand between her thighs. These small pastimes remain our mutual secret.

Mine and Heidi's families lived in different cities that are just a night of car journey away. I would visit her place, or she would visit mine to be with our respective aunts. During one such visit, I developed a crush on my aunt when I saw her doing some naked yoga, her bare body with soft pubic hairs and thick tits before my eyes. She did it regularly in her private room allowing nobody a peek, but this time while I was in the house, Heidi locked her in her room being angry for some childish reason. And Carol chose to use this interval for her yoga. She forgot to secure the door from inside. When I opened it, I was greeted by the great view. Carol was too lost in her exercise to know that I was peeking. I quietly watched her as my cock swelled up. When she caught me peeking, she was nonplussed perhaps wondering how the door was left unlocked. Out of fear and shame, I shut the door. I went to the other room to see Heidi but soon returned to Carol's door. I pushed it and it opened fine. So aunt did not lock it. This time she noticed me immediately, but she was nonchalant about it and let me enjoy to my content while she continued her practice.

I upped my games with her as we grew up. I used to get naked around her and show my dick, sometimes erect. I would act normal and read her reaction. At first, she appeared confounded by the unfamiliar sight, but gradually she accepted it and liked it. However I myself did not initiate her into things like masturbation. But to my surprise, one day, in my very presence, Heidi was rubbing her twat like a mature girl. When I asked what she was doing she did not reply. On insisting she said she saw her mom doing it and it's fun. I told her she was not big enough to do that and it might hurt if she continues. She stopped for the time being but I caught her doing it later. She was trying to find her groove.