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My Swinging Family

by Dave70802

A guy's parents discover that their son may be aware oftheir swinging activities and so they introduce himinto the swinging lifestyle with them and theirfriends. (FF/m-teen, ped, 1st, inc, bi, mast, oral, anal, swing)
I'm David and I discovered that my cock could be used for more than pissing when I was about 5 years old. I found that if I rubbed the head of my cock against the inside of my leg that I could achieve a sexual high. I would get off like that 2-3 times a day and I would get caught often by my teachers and my mother. My mother was sexy and beautiful and she was often in my sexual fantasies. When I was 12, my cousin showed me how to jerk-off by stroking my cock up and down, and using cooking oil as a lubricant.

My parents Barbara and Jerry were swingers since I was 11 years old. When I was 14 they became host and hostess the club when the previous host got transferred to the East Coast. When they would have a party, they would send me to my grandparents or aunt's house for a day or two, which was about once a month. They said they were hosting parties for adults, and they didn't want kids around.

When I was 15, they let me stay at my friend Bob's house overnight during their party nights. He lived 2 blocks away, and didn't make us have a babysitter, as they had a security camera focused on the front and back door, but called home to check on us a couple times each night. His parents were swingers too.

His mom Janet was sexy and always wore tight, low cut halters or other tight clothes, showing off what she had to off, and his dad, Bob Sr. Was a slim guy but decent looking My friend Bob showed me some porno magazines, pictures and videos of his parents and other couples having sex that he had found in his parents room. This started us into mutual masturbation, sucking each-others cocks, and butt-fucking.

After that night, we spent almost every weekend at each other's house. My parents also had a stash of porno tapes of their parties, and it was after viewing them that I realized how beautiful and sexy my mother really was. My mom was 35 years old, very beautiful blonde about 5'10", dad said she had a full figure body, she had large firm breasts, but very curvaceous, and had long full firm legs which I loved. My dad was 40, 6'1", was built like a football player, but hardly worked out

I was usually home alone for about two hours after school until one of my parents got home from work, and I would usually take advantage of this time to go through my mothers drawers or hamper and sniff my mothers panties, bras or garter belts while jerking off to their fragrance, or view my favorite video tape scenes of my mother sucking somebody's cock or getting fucked straight or anally by some guy's big cock, wishing it was me which I also allowed Danny to see. I was now masturbating at least three times a day; upon waking-up, in the afternoon, and when I went to bed at night.

We found about half of the other women swingers sexy also and jerked-off over them also. Three were mother's of my classmates also like Danny's, and four I had seen at stores or the mall.

My home alone activities went on for over a year before my sex life changed from voyeur of sex videos to participant in them. After I finished dinner, I said that I was going to Danny's house. My dad said to be home early because he and my mother wanted to discuss something with me later. I said, "I'll be home about eight o'clock."

He said, "Eight will be fine."

I arrived home a little after eight and mom and dad were in the living room. Dad was sitting in his recliner and mom asked me to sit on the couch with her.

I sat down and asked, "What's up?"

My dad said, "Your mom and I have been discussing your age and maturity level for the past couple of months, ...and also your sexual habits and sexual experience."

"Uh oh," I said to myself. "They know."

"We probably would never have to have this discussion except I noticed my video tapes disappearing and re-appearing in my private box." He said.

"And your mother's under-garments were doing the same," she said.

"It's my fault that you found my box of disks," he said. "I should have hid them better or have gotten a lock box to put them in."

"We're swingers honey, we enjoy having sex with others, as well with each other, and as long as you know about our activities, we thought we'd open up to you." Mom said.

"So what did you think of the videos son?" Dad said. "Did you find them embarrassing to see your mother and father having sex with strangers, or did you find it erotic?" He said.

"It was embarrassing at first, but as I realized that there were so many other people there having sex also it became more erotic for me," I said.

"So do we have your approval to continue our swinging activities?" Mom said.

"Do you mean that whatever I say you'll do?" I said.

"Perhaps, if it deals with the matter at hand," Dad said.

"Ok, you have my approval, but I'd like to have access to the videos to watch whenever I want," I said. "And you'll let me know whenever you have new videos too?"

"Yes, I guess that would be ok with us. We've been meaning to copy some of the hottest scenes from the disks and copy them on to two or three disks, maybe you could do that for us," Dad said.

Mom changed the subject and asked, "What kind of sex have you experienced, other than masturbation?"

"Kissing a girl and feeling her tits is all," I said, not mentioning having sex with Danny.

"Would you like your father and I to teach you some of the basic and advanced lessons of sex that you should know?" She said.

"Sure," I said. What else could I have said.

"What we've discussed here tonight must never be shared with anyone else outside our family. We've been swingers over five years, and our members and us have never let it be known what we do to anyone outside the group."

"Ok, go take a shower. Your dad and I have something to talk about in private," she said.

I went up to my room and stripped down and grabbed a towel and put it around my waist and grabbed another for my hair. As I took my shower, I planned on watching one of the videos at my leisure for a change and slowly stroke my cock to hardness without having to hide my activities under the covers. I also thought about what lessons my parents might teach me about sex and when. My cock was getting hard in anticipation. When I finished my shower, I noticed my parents bedroom light was on and that the door was opened half way. As I walked past their room, I heard my mother call to me.

"Honey, come in here please," she said.

As I entered the room, I noticed she was sitting in the over-stuffed chair and she had changed into her negligee.

"Let me see you," she said.

"What?" I said.

"Let me see you without the towel, take it off," she said.

As I took the towel off and placed it on the chair, I said. "Are you going to teach me about sex, now?

"It looks like your already ready," she said. Indicating my hard-on at attention. She stood up, opening the negligee and letting it fall to the floor.
All she was wearing was black 3" heels, beige hose, and black garter belt. Her big tits and shaved pussy exposed for me to see.

"You've never seen a real live naked woman before?" She asked.

"No never. Your beautiful, your gorgeous. I could never imagine someone could look so good, especially my own mother," I said.

She walked towards me and stopped a half foot away. "Come hold me in your arms. Touch me, explore my body, touch what you've never touched before but wanted to," she said.

I closed the distance between us, and my hard cock pressed against her smooth leg and shaved cunt, preventing me from holding her tightly. I slightly turned my body so my cock raised up, pressing against her stomach just above her pussy. I held her by her ass cheeks, pulling her closer, my balls touching the entrance to her pussy. My face cheek against hers, my nose smelling her perfume and her hair. I released her
ass cheek with my left hand and brought it between us and moved it over her shaved mound.

She told me to insert one, then another and then a third finger into her pussy and feel how wet I was making her. I was following her directions for about three minutes when I felt her shudder and felt liquid oozing into the palm of my hand. She took my hand and brought it up to her full firm tit, she told me to squeeze her tit, and then her nipple, which was almost a half inch long and thick as an eraser. I brought my mouth to her breast and sucked her tit and nipple for several minutes.

"Kiss me darling, show me how much you love your mother, show me how much you enjoy what I've shown you so far, show me you want to be my lover tonight and forever," she said.

And I did. I kissed other girls and knew what kind of kiss turned them on the most. I lightly kissed my mother's lips, lightly brushing them for a moment, before inserting my tongue into her mouth and kissing her hard, but with the passion and excitement that I felt for her. She must have liked what I was doing because she was responding with moans and trying to pull me closer. After several minutes she broke the kiss and said. "That was very good darling, you don't need any tutoring in that department. Have you ever had a woman's lips on your cock before?"

"No," I said. Which was true. Bob's lips or mouth was not a woman's.

She started to slowly lower herself to her knees before me saying. "Good, I know you'll love what I'm going to show you next, or rather what I'm going to do to you next."

She then slowly palmed my balls with the palm of her hand, while she took my cock in the other and lightly stroked it. I never felt anything so good in my life, and told her. "That feels great mom, don't stop, it feels wonderful."

"I know honey, but this will feel even better," she said. As she opened her mouth and took my cock into it, and again lightly moved her lips over my cock head to the base of my shaft and back to the head, over and over again. "Now isn't this even better? I know you'll cum quickly, but don't worry, I want to taste your seed filling my mouth. Your young and you'll get hard again quickly after a short rest, and then I'll show you what else I can do to make your cock feel good."

The sight of my naked mother kneeling in front of me and the feeling of her lips sucking my cock, was make my cock harder than Bob's sucking ever did. This was the best day of my life, and I wanted it to last forever, but my cock was beginning to betray me. My mother had only been sucking my cock for what seemed like less than a minute and I felt my cum wanting to erupt. My cock was beyond my control, when I felt my cum rushing through my shaft. All I had time to say was, "Oh mom." when I felt it shooting into her mouth with such a force, it gave me a sharp stabbing pain at the head of my cock head.

I know the first shot went straight down her throat, but the rest of the five or six shots, she held in her mouth. When I finished cumming, she savored the taste and the amount I gave her, and she opened her mouth to show me how much cum I gave her, before swallowing the entire load and using her tongue to clean the inside of her mouth of the rest of my cum.

"Ummm, that's what I love most. Sucking off a young stud for his cum. Young guys always produce the largest and tastiest load of cum. You didn't last to long though, but that will come after you get use to having your cock sucked more, which I promise you'll get from now on.
Are you ready to give your cock a short rest before proceeding to something else?"

"That was great mom, I never had anyone suck me so good!" I blurted out.

"You've been sucked off before? By who?" She said.

I didn't know what to say. I couldn't think of what to say, without her knowing I was lying, so I told her Bob and I sucked each other off. This began a question and answer period for several minutes, before she said. "Ok, time for you to learn how to give oral pleasure to a woman. You ready to learn something else?"

"Yeah," I eagerly said.

She then laid on the bed, pulled her knees up and spread her legs and told me to get on the bed with her and take a good look at her pussy. It was shaved baby smooth, and she pointed to her pussy and told me how to use my mouth and tongue on her cunt lips, clit and vagina.

"Now try it," she said.

I moved closer, sticking out my tongue to taste my first real pussy. I quickly licked around her pussy lips, clit and vagina to test the taste of her pussy.

She said. "What does it taste like."

I said. A little tangy, a little sweet, but not unpleasant."

"Good. Now practice what I showed you," she said.

I tried to memorize what I was doing and remember what she was telling me to do and how to do it, so I would be a good partner for the next woman I would be with. After a few minutes, she stopped giving me directions and I could hear her moan and mumble her words, indicating that I was finally giving her pleasure, like she gave me. About fifteen minutes later she was squirming her pussy against my mouth saying she was cumming.

After she came, we cuddled and kissed and I started giving my attention to her breast. Cupping and squeezing them, and kissing and sucking them with little direction from my mother.

"Want to put that cock to work again?" She said.

"You know I'm ready for anything," I said.

"Well, we'll see if your ready for anything later, but from what you've told me, I think you'll be ready. Are you ready for your cock to meat my pussy? Are you ready to try some real pussy fucking?" She said.

"Hell yes," I said.

"Ok," she said. As she got in the same position as my pussy eating lesson. Climb on top, and put that thing in my pussy."

She told me how to place my arms and hands, what kind of stroking rhythm to use to fuck her and how to angle my cock after I was fucking her, for her to feel the greatest sensation so that she would cum with me. When my cock entered her cunt and my cock felt the wet warmness, and the walls of her cunt applying pressure to my cock, it was the best feeling in the world. From the time I entered my mother's room and she exposed her naked body to me, to this moment, I never thought things could get any better. Boy, did I have a lot to learn.

After five minutes of fucking my mother, I came, but she didn't. She said it takes a woman longer to cum than a man to cum, but a man could learn after awhile, how to hold off cumming until the woman was ready; and she said we'll work on that later.

We rested and talked again for awhile, and she said we would fuck one more time before we call it a night, but the next time she would show me the various positions we could use to fuck.

So when we started to fuck again she got into woman on top or cowgirl position. I liked that one because I could look at and squeeze and suck her tits while we fucked. Then the doggie position, spoon position and face to face on our sides. She said there were standing positions also, but would show me later. We finished in the cowgirl position before I came again and she said she almost came also.

My mother said, that's all the sex we would do tonight, but she'll teach me more in a few days. She also said, she would test me on what I learned tonight and have my father video tape us so that I could review the results and also teach me on how a woman could handle two men
in bed.

The next day I didn't say anything to Bob of course about my sex lessons with my mother, but when I got home, dad called me into the living room where he and mom were watching TV.

He said my mother told him that I really enjoyed my experience the night before. He also said that in time, I could experience some selected women from the club that enjoy the fascination of having a young lover in their bed, but that will happen only when I reach a certain level of experience. I asked him how soon that would happen, weeks, months; and he said weeks, but not to ask him how many weeks.

In the next few days everything at home was as usual, but I didn't view my mother in the same way. Now she was more sexual than maternal. As promised they let me have open access to their porn disks and I edited them according to what got me off the most. Mostly scenes of my mother and other men and "women".

The following Wednesday, my mother told me to be home early and get started on my homework. I was about to remind her it was summer vacation, and then it dawned on me "what she really meant".

When I got home, dad told me to take a shower and meet them in their bedroom. Ten minutes later I entered their room.

My mother was sitting in the over-stuffed chair wearing her negligee, garters, hose and heels as before and dad was naked and was fidgeting with the video tripod. He looked like he was bigger than me, though he was hard yet. She said my dad was going to video what I learned last week and was I ready. I said "Yes."

She then said to dad. "action." and to me. "Drop the towel."

For the next two hours, I held her naked body, I caressed her tits, held her body in my arms, we kissed, she sucked, I came in her mouth, I ate her pussy, and we fucked in various positions, without her telling me what to do or how to do it.

When we finished she told me to make her a copy of the video. Then she asked dad how he would rate my performance; beginner intermediate or advanced. He said definitely intermediate bordering on advanced.

I was elated.

"Ok," she said. "Now for my fun," she said. "I'm going to fuck your father in the cowgirl position," she paused and continued. "And your going to put on a condom and fuck my ass. So put this condom on and put some KY lotion here around and in my asshole.

After I got the condom on, she mounted my father and put his cock in her pussy, and I lubed up her ass.

"Ok, now put it in my ass and fuck me," she said.

I knew to take it slow and easy, after Bob's and my butt fucking experiences and entered her ass slow with short strokes. She wasn't as tight as Bob's ass, but it was still a snug fit. After I was firmly in my mother's ass, she started fucking my father's cock and I started a rhythm in her ass.

"I see your well experienced in butt fucking with Bob," she said. Then she told my father not to cum in her, that she had another use for his cum.

It took me longer to cum this time, because I had already cum three times with her earlier. After fifteen minutes, I finally came, and she told me that I fucked her like a pro.

I took the condom off and we all relax together on our backs for a few minutes, then she said, "Are you ready for some more oral sex?"

Thinking she meant that she was going to suck me hard again for some more sex, I said, "Ready, willing and able."

My mother said, "I want to see you and your father sixty-nine each other. Your father and I are bi, and apparently you are too. I'd like to see you suck each other off and swallow each other's cum, while I video you guys."

I looked at my father and he said, "It's Ok, what we do here stays here remember?"

Then he got in the sixty-nine position with me and started sucking my cock. I looked at his cock, and it looked so much bigger than Bob's and I wondered how he would feel in my mouth, and he still had some of my mother's cunt juices on it. I decided that I was here to learn different sex and sex practices, so I took his semi-hard cock in my mouth and started sucking him. I wasn't so experience in the art of cock-sucking as I
thought and had more to learn, as dad told me to suck on the head of his cock and use my tongue once in a while and then practice on how much of his length I could take.

I did as he said, and as I used my tongue on his cock head, it began oozing pre-cum, which was quite sweet. I took about four inches of his cock at first, but the more I sucked, I found that I was taking more and more. Dad was sucking me faster now and I felt very close to cumming and finally I came with a smaller amount of cum in his mouth. When I caught my breath, I sucked his cock with more enthusiasm than before. When he came, and he filled my mouth to over-flowing with his cum before I could swallow any of it and then jerked the last few spurts of cum on my face and spread it over my face with his cock.

"Bravo, that was great, watching my two men suck each other's cocks, but I'm afraid your to spent to continue and experience any more sex honey. So, I'll have to wait to watch you two butt fuck each other," she laughed. "take the video and make yourself busy while your father and I talk.

"Yeah, I'll copy it now and give you the copy in the morning," I said.

Wow, I thought, dad and I butt fucking each other, but I was eager now to see which women in the club had a thing for fucking teenagers and I didn't want to wait to long to find out.

I watched the video of my mother and I having sex, and had to admit, it was the hottest video that I had ever seen. I kept it separate from the other videos, as I knew that I would be watching it over and over again.

The following Saturday, mom and dad host another party, and I stayed overnight at Bob's house. He wasn't as enthusiastic as he used to be in having a chance to having bi activities with me as before, but we did suck each other off.

For the next week, I edited and jerked-off to the video's that I was recording, and hoping that some of the sexiest women that I selected were the ones that enjoyed having sex with young guys like me.

The following Thursday when I got home, my mother said to take a shower and put on just shorts and shirt (meaning no underwear) as we would be having company coming over.

I knew what that meant, and was back in ten minutes. When I returned, I asked her if I would be having sex with one of her women friends?

She said, "Yes, I think your ready, just don't act over eager and embarrass me."

The door bell rang and mom told me to answer it. I opened the door with nervous anticipation. IT WAS BOB. I tried to quickly tell him we were expecting company and that he couldn't come in right now. He said he knew, we're your company. I then looked over his shoulder and seen his parents getting out of their car. The three of them walked in and said hi to my mother and father.

"Are you surprised honey?" She said.

All I said was, "Yeah."

She said. "We told Janet and Bob about what Bob Jr. found in their room, about the bi activities you two started to practice and about us confronting you about what you found in our room, and also about how we had sex with each other. I suggested that they might do the same with Bob Jr. As he was as aware of our mutual swinging activities as Gary. They discussed it for three days, and then indoctrinated Bob Jr. As we did you. So they're here tonight so we can swap you two young men tonight. The dads are just going to video the activities and watch, and maybe if we have time, enjoy Janet and myself too. So are you happy with what has developed because of your snooping.

"Hell yes," I said eagerly.

"So why don't you two strip and let Janet and me see what we're getting tonight," my mother said.

Bob and I quickly followed her command and we got naked for each others mother. I faced Janet and Bob faced my mother, and my cock was quickly getting hard at the thought of fucking Bob's mother even thought she sat fully clothed before me.

My mother looked at Janet and said, "Well shall we take advantage of these hard cocks Janet?"

"That's what I'm here for," Janet said.

And with that said, they both stood up and began to strip naked for us.

I stepped forward and took Janet in my arms, and caressed her body, squeeze and sucked on her firm tits and gave her a long tongue probing kiss for several minutes. I then stepped back and said. "Suck it, please." and she lowered herself to her knees in front of me, and sucked my cock every bit as good as my mother had. I practiced my self-control in not cumming to soon, and enjoyed about ten minutes of Janet's sucking my cock, before I came in her mouth and face and spread my globs of cum off her face and on to her lips, which she hungrily took into her mouth and swallowed.

I then laid her down and ate her pussy and licked her asshole, until she started squirming beyond my control. I then got on top of her and fucked her to orgasm within five minutes, but held my own load and turned her over and got into the doggie position and entered her tight ass. I fucked her for ten minutes before I gave her another load of my cum.

"Barbara, I can't believe that you fucked your virgin son only a few weeks ago. The way he did me compares with a veteran swinger. Bobby, I have a few more things for you to learn," Janet said.

"Bobby did just fine with me also, they're young and fast learners," My mother said.

Over the next four weeks, my mother arranged for me to fuck Carol, a very attractive and sexy brunette divorcee, Helen another full figured blonde like my mother, but with 42DD breasts, and Suzy a ex stripper and mother with her 18 year old son Chris and 17 year old daughter Karen, which my father enjoyed getting some of that young pussy.

With me now being aware of their swinging parties, they expanded their parties from couples and attached singles only, to single and bi night parties also. During the party nights, Janet, Carol, Helen, Suzy or my mother would "Cock Sit", Bob, Chris and myself, where they would receive as much cock as they would at
the parties.

18 months later, my 18th birthday was on the same day as one of their singles parties, and my parents let everyone know that their son would be attending my first swinger's party.

About 20 women and 15 men attended that night, and during the first hour, everyone introduced themselves to me. The women especially let me know they were available when I was, and a few even, didn't even ask, but dragged me off to a corner and raped me. After I had four different women, I realized that I would have to spend more time loving them, or I would have a heart attack or die from exhaustion.

I told my parents, not to announce again, that I would be attending any of the other parties, as three or four partners a night was enough. They laughed, and said they'd treat me as just a friend of a friend.

So four months later, I started college, living 200 miles away from home, but I still have sex about every two weeks with my mother and her friends that come to visit.