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Submissive MILFs

Two MILFs Dyanna and Brandi seek to be dominated by Julia.


Julia Ann as Julia
Brandi Love as Brandi
Dyanna as Lauren


Single mom, Brandi tells her single friend Dyanna, who she occasionally makes out with, how she fucked her son's black friend Bradley. Dyanna tells Brandi of her hots for daughter's black boyfriend Drake who has been hitting on her. Brandi asks Dyanna to make Drake cheat on her daughter. Dyanna agrees and succeeds in screwing Drake. Brandi secretly tells Dyanna's daughter Daphney about this. Daphney however feigns ignorance and lets her mom fuck Drake whenever she likes. But soon when she finds Drake's interest in her declining, she resorts to Bradley who she met through Brandi's son Brendon. Bradley now starts prefers Daphney over Brandi.

Brandi then asks Dyanna to share Drake which Dyanna. But soon Brandi seduces Drake away from Dyanna. Dyanna now seeks Bradley, her daughter's new boyfriend, who, she realizes, was the one Brandi fucked. Dyanna succeeds again, but she does not tell Brandi about this. Bradley asks Dyanna for a threesome with her daughter, which Dyanna refuses outright. Bradley then asks Daphney for the same but she too turns him down. He then tells her about her liaison with her mom which upsets Daphney for a while. But Bradley insists and soon convinces her.

Daphney tells Bradley that she will walk in on them having sex, pretend to be shocked and Bradley will then engage both of them. And so it happens some days later. Bradley later tells his friend, Brendon, about this ménage à trois, and invites him over. But Brendon tells him that he is in chastity by his mistress, whose name he keeps a secret. When Daphney learns about this from Brendon, she finds out that it's Julia, a professional psychologist, who Brendon meets once in a while. She also seeks to be her slave and eventually she does. Daphney gets chastised like Brendon, and she leaves Bradley to her mom.

Some time later, Daphney introduces her first ex, to Bradley, her second ex. The two boys decide to reconcile the two moms, and plan a foursome. On the other end, Julia, wishes to dominate the single moms of her young slaves. She separately and privately asks her slaves to let each other's moms know who their mistress is to rouse their curiosity. Thus, Brandi learns from Daphney, and Dyanna from Brendon about the domintatrix Julia. Neither Brandi nor Dyanna discloses to each other about Daphney and Brendon respectively.

Meanwhile, Julia abducts Bradley and Drake, and let Brandi and Dyanna play with other for a while. Then she drops a note to each of their addresses demanding them to submit to let the blacks free. Both the MILFs then set out to seek Julia to become her slaves like each other's kids.