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Thinking Allowed

Host: Jeffrey Mishlove

Russell Targ: Historical Highlights of Parapsychology

Russell Targ: Precognition

Russell Targ: Third Eye Spies

Russell Targ: Getting Started in Parapsychology

Russell Targ: The Strength and Reliability of Remote Viewing

Russell Targ: The Life, Death, and Afterlife of Elisabeth Targ

Russell Targ: Military Intelligence Interest in Remote Viewing

Russell Targ: Successful Military Intelligence Applications

Russell Targ: Early Years of Psi Research at SRI International

Charles Tart: Altered States of Consciousness

Charles Tart: Spiritual Implications of Parapsychology

Charles Tart: Psychological Reflections on G. I. Gurdjieff

Charles Tart: Future Psychonauts

Charles Tart: How to Meditate
Charles Tart: Fear of Psi
Charles Tart: Remote Viewing Psychology
Charles Tart: Science as Spiritual Path

Charles Tart: Parapsychology and Transpersonal Psychology (ARCHIVE)

Charles Tart: Learning to Use Extrasensory Perception

Charles Tart: Six Decades in Parapsychology

Charles Tart: Education in Parapsychology

Charles Tart: Transpersonal Psychology

Charles Tart: Live Stream

Barry Taff: An Insider's View of Parapsychology at UCLA

Barry Taff: Poltergeist Agents

Barry Taff: Alien-Human Interactions

Ben Goertzel: The Possibility of Telepathy in Robots

Ben Goertzel: Reincarnation and Robots

Bernard Carr: Consciousness and Cosmology

Bernard Carr: Hyperspace, Consciousness, and Time

Bernard Carr: Black Holes, Cosmology, and the Limits of Science

Bernard Carr: Psychical Research and Parapsychology

Etzel Cardeña: Altered States and Enhanced Functioning

Etzel Cardeña: Experimental Evidence for Parapsychological Phenomena

Carlos Alvarado: Camille Flammarion - The Mystical Astronomer

Carlos Alvarado: Charles Richet - Nobel Laureate Psychic Researcher

Carlos Alvarado: Ernesto Bozzano and Spirit Survival
Carlos Alvarado: Eusapia Palladino - Remembering s Great Physical Medium

Charles Whitfield: A Course in Miracles

Charles Whitfield: Healing the Child Within

Charles Whitfield:The Misdiagnosis of Mental Illness

Fred Alan Wolf: Time, Space, and Consciousness, Part 1 - The Nature of Light

Fred Alan Wolf: Time, Space, and Consciousness, Part 2 - The Possibility of Time Travel

Fred Alan Wolf: Time, Space, and Consciousness, Part 3 - Faster Than Light

Fred Alan Wolf: Qabala and Physics, Part 1 - Stories Within Stories

Fred Alan Wolf: Qabala and Physics, Part 2 - The Human in the Universe

Elizabeth Rauscher: Psychic Healing Research

Elizabeth Rauscher: Remote Viewing Research

Christine Hardy: The Infinite Spiral Staircase, Part 1 - Telepathic Harmonic Fields

Christine Hardy: The Infinite Spiral Staircase, Part 2 - Semantic Field Theory

Christine Hardy: The Infinite Spiral Staircase, Part 3 - Cosmic DNA at the Origin

Mark LeBlanc: Spiritual Pilgrimage

John Brandenburg: Martian Speculations and Beyond

Raymond Moody: In Search Of The Afterlife

Norman Shealy: Energy Medicine
Norman Shealy: Holistic Health Tips Related to COVID-19

Norman Shealy: Medical Intuition

Rick Strassman: Researching Psychedelics and DMT
Rick Strassman: Psychedelics and Spirituality

James Tunney: Mysticism

James Tunney: Globalization

James Tunney: Irish Contributions to Understanding Consciousness

James Tunney: The Mystical Path
James Tunney: The Dark Side of Mysticism

Daryl Bem: Feeling the Future (ARCHIVE)

Jim Hickman: Reflections on Stanley Krippner (ARCHIVE)

Mickey Hart: The Grateful Dead Meet Stanley Krippner (ARCHIVE)

Pim van Lommel: Science of the Near-Death Experience

William Van Gordon: Meditation Induced Near-Death Experience

Philip A. Goff: Solving the Problems of Consciousness

Paul LeMay: Primate Mind - Buddha Mind

Dean Radin: Science and the Siddhis (or Powers of Yoga)
Dean Radin: The Reality and Significance of Magic

Mary Baxter: Life Journeys of Spiritual Healers
Mary Baxter: The Akashic Field
Mary Baxter: Using the Pendulum

Elizabeth Krohn: The Power of the Near-Death Experience Part 1
Jeffrey Kripal: The Power of the Near-Death Experience Part 2
Whitley Strieber: A New Vision of the Unexplained Part 1
Jeffrey Kripal: A New Vision of the Unexplained Part 2
Jeffrey Kripal: The Erotic and Esoteric in Religion

Loyd Auerbach: Ghost Hunting

Loyd Auerbach: Dreams and Psychic Dreams

Loyd Auerbach: Parapsychology in Russia

Loyd Auerbach: Psychokinesis (PK)

Loyd Auerbach: Remembering Alex Tanous

Stephen Braude: Philosophy and Post-Mortem Survival

Stephen Braude: Table Levitation

Stephen Braude: Mind, Nature, and the Paranormal

Stephen Braude: The Case of the PK Man

Stephen Braude: The Case of the Gold Leaf Lady

Stephen Braude: Poltergeist Phenomena

Stephen Braude: Thoughtography of Ted Serios

Stephen Braude: Evidentiality of Spiritualist Mediumship

Stephen Braude: Macro-Psychokinesis Part 1 - Physical Mediumship

Stephen Braude: Macro-Psychokinesis, Part 2 - Apparitions

Stephen Braude: Macro-Psychokinesis, Part 3 - Philosophical Reflections

Stephen Braude: Multiple Personalities, Part 1 - The History of an Enigma

Stephen Braude: Multiple Personalities, Part 2 - The Transcendental Ego

Stephen Braude: Multiple Personalities, Part 3 - Parapsychological Implications

Pierre Grimes: Training The Philosopher King
Pierre Grimes: Understanding Plato
Pierre Grimes: Greek Philosophy and Early Christianity
Pierre Grimes: Plato's Republic
Pierre Grimes: Psychedelics and Philosophy
Pierre Grimes: Hopmer and Plato
Pierre Grimes: Understanding NeoPlatonism
Pierre Grimes: Algorithms And The Human Psyche
Pierre Grimes: Philosophical Midwifery

Pierre Grimes: Working With Dreams

Pierre Grimes: War and Philosophy

Pierre Grimes: Philosophical Dialogue

Pierre Grimes: Coping With Tragedy

Paul Smith: Remote Viewing of UFOs and Other Mysteries

Paul Smith: Dowsing and Remote Viewing

Paul Smith: Skepticism About Remote Viewing

Paul Smith: The History of Remote Viewing

Paul Smith: The Philosophy of Physicalism

Paul Smith: The Ideogram Controversy in Remote Viewing

Paul Smith: On Being a Remote Viewing Student

Paul Smith: Remote Viewing and Mormon Metaphysics

Paul Smith: Remote Viewing Training, Part 1 - The Initial Phases

Paul Smith: Remote Viewing Training, Part 2 - The Advanced Phases

Thomas Brophy: Scientist and Mystic Hiroshi Motoyama

Kiran Kumar Salagame: Indian Psychology

Kiran Kumar Salagame: Psychological Reflections on the Bhagavat Gita

Kiran Kumar Salagame: Indian Thought

Kiran Kumar Salagame: The Psychology of Meditation

Debashish Banerji: The Integral Yoga of Sri Aurobindo Part 1

Debashish Banerji: The Integral Yoga of Sri Aurobindo Part 2

Debashish Banerji: The Integral Yoga of Sri Aurobindo Part 3

Debashish Banerji: Language of the Gods Part 1

Debashish Banerji: Language of the Gods Part 2

Debashish Banerji: Language of the Gods Part 3

Debashish Banerji: The Bengal Renaissance

Debashish Banerji: The History of Yoga

Debashish Banerji: Auroville

Debashish Banerji: Yoga Psychology

Debashish Banerji: Understanding the Upanishads

Debashish Banerji: Understanding Posthumanism

Debashish Banerji: The Siddhis or Powers of Yoga

Debashish Banerji: Reincarnation in Indian Tradition

Michael Cremo: Forbidden Archeology

Michael Cremo: A Vedic Alternative to Darwin's Theory

Michael Cremo: Alfred Russel Wallace and the Spirit World

Michael Cremo: What Is A Human Being

James Matlock: Patterns Found in Reincarnation Cases

James Matlock: The Psychology of Past-Life Memory

James Matlock: The Interval Between Death and Rebirth

James Matlock: Reincarnation and Possession

James Matlock: Behavioral Signs of Reincarnation

James Matlock: Reincarnation in the Ancient World

James Matlock: Reincarnation in Tribal Societies

James Matlock: Birthmarks and Physical Signs of Reincarnation

James Matlock: How Researchers Approach Reincarnation

James Matlock: Alternative Explanations for Reincarnation Evidence

Joseph Gallenberger: Cultivating Psychokinesis, Part 1 - A Personal Journey

Joseph Gallenberger: Cultivating Psychokinesis, Part 2 - The Energy of the Group

Joseph Gallenberger: Cultivating Psychokinesis, Part 3 - The Art of Manifesting

Joseph Gallenberger: Grief's Dark Cocoon

Joseph Gallenberger: A Soul's Journey After Suicide

Michael Grosso: Religious Miracles

Michael Grosso: Mind At Large

Michael Grosso: The Flying Friar - St. Joseph of Copertino

Michael Grosso: Dialoguing with the Transcendent

Stanley Krippner: Working with Extraordinary Dreams

Stanley Krippner: Psychedelic Experience

Stanley Krippner: A Tribute to Parapsychologist (ARCHIVE)

Stanley Krippner: Shamans and Their World

Stanley Krippner: Dream Telepathy

Stanley Krippner: Human Sexuality and Gender Identity

Stanley Krippner: Personal Mythology

Stanley Krippner: Understanding Hypnosis

Stanley Krippner: The Making of a Parapsychologist (ARCHIVE)

Stanley Krippner: Coping with Trauma

Stanley Krippner: The Apports of Amyr Amiden

Stanley Krippner: Native American Medicine Man Rolling Thunder

Stanley Krippner: Anomalistic Psychology

Stanley Krippner: The Spiritist Religions of Brazil
Stanley Krippner: Progress in Parapsychology
Stanley Krippner: Parapsychology and the Skeptics

Edwin May: Stargate Revisited

Edwin May: Training Anomalous Cognition

Edwin May: How Precognition Works

Edwin May: Defending Physicalism

Edwin May: Researching Anomalous Cognition

Edwin May: Correlates of Anomalous Cognition

Edwin May: Precognition

Edwin May: USA's Psychic Spy Program

Edwin May: Quantum Theory and Parapsychology

Edwin May: Lessons Learned From the Stargate Program

Joseph McMoneagle: Archeological Remote Viewing in Japan

Joseph McMoneagle: Practical Applications of Remote Viewing

Joseph McMoneagle: Guidelines for Future Remote Viewing

Joseph McMoneagle: Parapsychology and the Media

Lyn Buchanan: Exercises to Cultivate Remote Viewing

Lyn Buchanan: Your Sixth and Seventh Senses

Lyn Buchanan: The Poltergeist Experience

Lyn Buchanan: Controlled Remote Viewing

Lyn Buchanan: Inside the Remote Viewing Unit at Fort Meade

Lyn Buchanan: An Open-Ended Conservation

Lori Williams: Becoming a Professional Remote Viewer

Lori Williams: Hypnosis and Psychic Functioning

Lori Williams: Remote Viewing Time Travel

Lori Williams: Monitoring Remote Viewing Sessions

Lori Williams: Organizing Remote Viewing Projects

Marty Rosenblatt: Practical Applications of Precognition, Part 1 - Historical Perspectives

Marty Rosenblatt: Practical Applications of Precognition, Part 2 - Ongoing Research

Marty Rosenblatt: Practical Applications of Precognition, Part 3 - Psychology

Mitch Horowitz: The Amazing Randi and American "Skepticism"

Eric Wargo: Precognition, Retrocausation, and the Unconscious

Eric Wargo: Premonitions of Disaster

Jorge Ferrer: The Evolution of Transpersonal Psychology

Jorge Ferrer: Comparative Mysticism

Jorge Ferrer: Embodied Spirituality

Jorge Ferrer: The Existence of Spiritual Entities

Jorge Ferrer: Science and Supernatural

Jorge Ferrer: Monogamy, Polyamory, and Intimate Relation

Terence Palmer: What Is Spirit Possession

Terence Palmer: Psychic Self-Defense

Terence Palmer: Spirit Release Therapy

Terence Palmer: Frederic Myers & Psychical Research

Luis Minero: The Out-of-Body-Experience

Luis Minero: Out-of-Body Exploration

Luis Minero: Energies of the Subtle Body

John B. Alexander: UFO/Paranormal Update

John B. Alexander: U.S. Military Interest in the Paranormal

John B. Alexander: UFOs - Myths and Realities

John B. Alexander: UFOs and the Paranormal

John B. Alexander: Crop Circles and Chemtrails

Serena Roney-Dougal: Magic and Nature

Serena Roney-Dougal: Tibetan Buddhist Psychic Traditions

Stafford Betty: The Spiritualist Vision of the Afterlife

Stafford Betty: Deathbed Visions

Stafford Betty: Instrumental Transcommunication

Stafford Betty: The Mind-Body Problem in Philosophy

Stafford Betty: Terminal Lucidity

Stephan Schwartz: Remote Viewing

Stephan Schwartz: Remote Viewing the Future

Stephan Schwartz: The Power of Intention

Stephan Schwartz: Healing Intention Part 1

Stephan Schwartz: Healing Intention Part 2

Stephan Schwartz: The Continuity of Consciousness

Stephan Schwartz: Edgar Cayce, The Sleeping Prophet

Stephan Schwartz: Remote Viewing in Criminology

Stephan Schwartz: Denier Movements

Stephan Schwartz: Non-violence

Stephan Schwartz: Quotidian Choices

Stephan Schwartz: Remote Viewing the Capture of Saddam Hussein

Stephan Schwartz: Psychic Healing Techniques

Stephan Schwartz: Non-local Consciousness and Religion

Stephan Schwartz: The Psychophysiology of Politics

Stephan Schwartz: The Matrix of Life

Stephan Schwartz: Project Deep Quest

Stephan Schwartz: How to Conduct Parapsychology Research

Stephan Schwartz: Remote Viewing in Nautical Archeology

Miranda Alcott: Animal Communication

Miranda Alcott: Speaking with Animals

Miranda Alcott: Listening to Animals

Miranda Alcott: Animals and the Afterlife

Miranda Alcott: Animal Medical Intuition

Miranda Alcott: What Animals Can Teach Humans

Miranda Alcott: The Animal and Human Kingdoms

Linda Tellington-Jones: Opening to Intuition

Linda Tellington-Jones: Interspecies Communication

Linda Tellington-Jones: The Sensation of Touch

Stewart Alexander: The Making of a Physical Mediumship

Edward Close: Spiritual Practice and Scientific Inquiry

Edward Close: The Constancy of the Speed of Light

Edward Close: The Double Slit Delayed Choice Experiment

Edward Close: The Mysterious Component of Reality

Edward Close: Mathematics and the Physical Universe

Edward Close: Non-locality

Vernon Neppe: Understanding Gimmel

Vernon Neppe: Genius, Creativity, and Exceptional Intelligence

Vernon Neppe: Infinity and Non-locality

Vernon Neppe: Kabbalah, Science, and Spirituality

Vernon Neppe: The Dyadic, Creative Interface

Vernon Neppe: Paradigms of Consciousness

Vernon Neppe: What's The Matter With Matter

Vernon Neppe: Déjà Vu

Vernon Neppe: Theories of Everything

Vernon Neppe: Evil - A Psychiatric Perspective

Vernon Neppe: Space, Time, and Consciousness

Vernon Neppe: Reality Begins with Consciousness

Vernon Neppe: Philosophy, Mysticism, Spirituality, and Science

Vernon Neppe: Feasibility and Falsification in Science

Vernon Neppe: Dark Matter and Dark Energy

Vernon Neppe: Free Will, Materialism, and Precognition

Vernon Neppe: The Nature of Psi

Vernon Neppe: Psychotropic Medications

Nicki Scully: Shamanic Practices

Andy Hilton: Anthropological and Historical Perspectives on Initiation

Walter Semkiw: Reincarnation, Part 1 - The Research of Ian Stevenson

Walter Semkiw: Reincarnation, Part 2 - Cases of Xenoglossy

Walter Semkiw: Reincarnation, Part 3 - Identifying Past Lives

Walter Semkiw: Reincarnation, Part 4 - Implications